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Global Running Day 5k

Lace up your shoes and join the FREE virtual event to celebrate Global Running Day on June 1 with runners from around the world.


Every Registration Includes:

  • VRC app access to report your miles
  • Digital Global Running Day finisher badge
  • Accountability

Optional Add-ons:

  • Gnarly Hydrate electrolyte sticks
    • 50% off for Global Running Day event.
  • Official event gear
  • Free shipping included on all purchases
Global Running Day Gear

Global Running Day is June 1.



Virtual Running Club offers more than just virtual races and challenges. Our mission is to inspire and motivate you to be active and healthy. Whether your goal is to run a half-marathon or walk 15 minutes each day, we're here cheering you on.

Continued Motivation

This race has changed my life. This has motivated me to get up each morning and do what I can - and over time I've been able to do more and more. I'm now running 3 miles on most days.

Rebecca M.

Sesame Street Challenge participant

Increased Confidence

I discovered fitness late in life and never considered myself athletic. Now that I’ve started running and doing challenges, I feel like an athlete and it has changed my outlook on myself.

Rick W.

Year in Miles Challenge participant

Engaging Event Themes

I love being transported to a different place, a different era and pretending that I’m walking with the dinosaurs or even in space. As I reach each milestone, I love researching about the planet or dinosaur to learn more about it.

Megann E.

Space Race Challenge participant


I love the community of the Facebook group, and the motivation of the milestone pins along the way.

Deanna Marie P.

Sesame Street Challenge Participant